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This will explain on how you can do this since i could not find one single video on how to actually do it, it was always in bits and peices. I figured out how to do it and hopefully it will work out for u.Thank you goes out to the following:\n- littlebim999 ( they suggested the video and told me abotu the hack.\n- azurewindonline ( They helped me through it as far as they could.\n\nDOWNLOAD:\n\nTwilight Hack -\n\nWAD Loader -\n\n------\n\nSteps:\n\nYOU MUST HAVE THE FOLLOWING\n\nWAD-Installer_v1.1\n\nTwilight_hack_0.1_alpha3a\n\nTwilight Princess Game\n\nAn SD Card\n\nAnd any wii virtual console game \"now the vc games need to be the same region as the wii\" \n\n-------------\nstep 1 \n\nnow open Twilight_hack_0.1_alpha3a\nchoose the appropriate file:\nrzdp0.bin\nrzdj0.bin\nrzde0.bin\nrzde2.bin\ncopy the file to the folder and rename \"data.bin\"\n\n/private/wii/title/RZDE (NTSC)\n/private/wii/title/RZDP (PAL)\n\n \n-------------\nstep 2\n\nopen the WAD-Installer_v1.1 \n\ncopy the wad-installer.elf to the SD card root rename to boot.elf\n \n-------------\nstep 3 \n\nnow copy the virtual console game to the mem card root rename to \"title.WAD\"\n \n-------------\ninstalling the virtual console game to the wii\n\ninsert the SD card and game into the wii (Front slot) \n\ncopy the save file to the wii from the sd card \n\nnow load twilight princess save \"run backwards or talk to the guy\"\n\nit will boot to a dos like screen and will ask you to press reset to install do that \n\nit will install vc game and reboot by itself \n\nATTENTION:\n\nI am NOT responsible if you brick(break) your wii you doing this at your own risk!\n\n-----------\nHonors for this video:\n#35 - Most Discussed (This Month) - Howto&Style - Canada#81 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Howto&Style - Canada#16 - Top Favorites (This Month) - Howto&Style - Canada#75 - Top Rated (This Month) - Howto&Style - Canada

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