[Tutorial] iphpPod- Download and view movies- NO COMPUTER! WEB DESIGN VIDEOS - PHOTO EDITING VIDEO CLIPS

phpPod is available through Installer.appAdditional packages to install ffmpeg, and to install correct configuration files for Apache/PHP are also available.source code:http://iphppod.googlepages.com/repo.plist\n\n\nSo this app (the best app) will allow you to download, and play videos, music, images, other, on your ipod touch! (ot iphone)\n\n\nSupported formats:\nmp3 audio, including ID3v1 and v2 tag support\nmp4 / mov / mpeg videos\njpg, gif, bmp, png images\nxls&doc (Microsoft Excel&Word)pdfhtmlVideo thumbnails can also be created by installing the additional iphpPod ffmpeg package.\n\n\nRequirements\nJailbroken (obviously).\nBSD subsystem\nOpenSSH\nApache or Lighttp\n\nPHP\n\nInstallation\n\nAdd http://iphppod.googlepages.com/repo.plist to your Installer Sources.\n\niphpPod can then be found under Multimedia.\n\n\nNEED SENDSPACE MOVIES? (FOR iSHARE)\n\n\nhttp://brill301.freeforums.org/ishare-repo-t669.html\n\nYou WILL need to become a member to view the thread.\n\nNEED HELP?\n\nhttp://www.brill301.freeforums.org

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