Tutorial: How to Install Ringtones Samsung M500 Part 1 of 2 WEB DESIGN VIDEOS - PHOTO EDITING VIDEO CLIPS

NOTE: I\'ve gotten a lot of emails about folks getting a \"Media Saving Has Failed\" error. To remedy this, please MAKE SURE that you rename your files without spaces in the filename (ie: \"Whole Lotta Love\" should be renamed \"wholelottalove\").Here is the video which explains EVERYTHING you need to know about installing ringtones on your Samsung SPH-M500 cell phone!\n\n\nThis is part 1 of 2... To view Part 2, go to:\nhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQY5wxAoeR4\n\nTo get the software used in this video, go to:\nhttp://www.ahearttowitness.com/software.html\n\nCome see the original article, the full-length video and more at\nhttp://www.ahearttowitness.com/blog\n\nSee more of my videos at http://brobryce.blip.tv\n\nIf you like this, please come and visit me at\nhttp://www.ahearttowitness.com\n\n1800+ photos, original music, blog, technical articles, free software&much much more!

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