The Best Tutorial On How To Use Pokesav With No$gba WEB DESIGN VIDEOS - PHOTO EDITING VIDEO CLIPS

Switch off the sound if you want, cause you might find it disturbing. :PBefore anybody asks anything else, watch the video response to make your save file\nmore than 500KB. People are still asking eventhough I\'ve put it up. Dammit!!!\n\nThis is a tutorial on how to use Pokesav with No$gba. If you don\'t even know what No$gba is, then don\'t watch the video. \n\nHere is the download link to two of the most important things.\n\nPokesav(smaller)\n\nIt\'s smaller cause many people complains that their pokesav did not fit their screen.\n\nNo$gba to vba\n\nOR\n\n\nIf the converter says Runtime Error, go this forum. \n\nthere\'s a post by SmotPoker to download something called comdlg32.ocx. Download it, and put it into your converter folder. \n\nI hopethis helps a lot of people.\nAnd like I said in the vid, pleaseeeee watch my walkthrough of Pokemon Pearl!!\n\nSong:\nAvatar The Last Airbender\'s Ending.

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