Pro Tools Tutorial DVD Level 1 Sample - Setup and Recording WEB DESIGN VIDEOS - PHOTO EDITING VIDEO CLIPS

Get it at Tools is one of the recording industries most powerful DAW workstations. In this first tutorial of three from ASK Video you will get the foundation you to need to start harnessing the power of this world renowned program.\n\nThe Pro Tools Tutorial DVD Level 1 is ideal for new Pro Tools users. Expert Brian Hogue will take you through items such as the setup and layout of Pro Tools, and the basics of recording.\n\nThis DVD is a must have for users of HD and LE.\n\n\n29 Videos \nOver 2 hours of professional instruction \nTutorial based on Pro Tools 7 \nHighest quality ever seen in tutorial videos \nEasy to use interface \nHostess introduces every video adding a personal touch not seen in other \'tech\' tutorials. \nMac OS X&Windows compatibleDVD-Rom, DVD (NTSC) and DVD (PAL) all in one package!

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