How to Install PSP Custom Firmware 3.90m33 *Tutorial* WEB DESIGN VIDEOS - PHOTO EDITING VIDEO CLIPS

MjjTV IS back!YOU HAVE TO HAVE CUSTOM FIRMWARE ALREADY!Don\'t ask how to get Custom Firmware! (you can get it with pandora\'s battery and magic mem stick, just search on google and/or youtube for Tutorials on how to get CFW)links:\n3.90m33:\n(just click \"Release\" on the 3.90M33 Update and download it)\nSONY 3.90:\n(just click on \"Version 3.90\" and download it)\n\n1. Download both Updates\n2. Extract both Updates\n3. Connect PSP to Computer\n4. Copy the Update Folder (which you downloaded from the Dark-Alex site) into /PSP/GAME\n5. REname the official sony update from EBOOT.PBP in 390.PBP and copy it in the same folder.\n\nMjaysTV

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