FREE CUBES AND GAMES OR ANYTHING YOU WANT SIGN UP: INFO AT: prize-guide.blogspot.comIn this video I teach you howto do f2l pairs.\n\nDifferent colors on top.\n\nIf you like the video please subscribe me.\n\nAny questions? Post a video repsonse or comment and ill help you asap :D.\n\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\n1. I made a pair but i can not put it in the last layer ;[\n\n Well, its not that hard. Check my other video out on info for this :\n\n\n\n\n2. I don\'t understand anything......\n\n Im sorry, i did my best on this tutorial. Please try watching them again \nand see if you understand it a little more. Then ask questions. It took me\na while to learn it.\n\n3. I can now Do f2l how do I do Last layer:\n\n Well first i would suggest learning Universal last layer a good tutorial\nwould be by PestVic :\n\n\n4. I Already know Universal last layer what now?\n\n Now you can learn your Pll\'s Learn all 21 of them. Afterthen learn all \nthe Oll\'s. what now?You subscribe and rate good :D\n\n\n\nPART 1: Different Colors on top\nPART 2: Same colors on top, and green facing up.\nPART 3: How to enter a pair in the last slot.\nPART 4: Special cases(Pieces conjoined or in first two layers) And how to \nput in the pairs into f2l.\n\n\nFRIDRICH TUTORIAL BY AZNBOI1324Part 1:\nPart 2:\nPart 3:\nPart 4:

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