Cutting and Styling Bangs for Wigs Tutorial WEB DESIGN VIDEOS - PHOTO EDITING VIDEO CLIPS

A tutorial made by me to help out all those people new to styling wigs and or new to cutting bangs. The method used in the tutorial is based off of Tristen Citrine\'s original cutting bangs tutorial (which is here: ). Visit her site for other tutorials and helpful links as well!At first I know it hard, but don\'t be intimidated, everyone has to start somewhere right? Sorry if the video went through the process too fast, I had to make sure the video wouldn\'t go past the 10 minute Youtube video time limit. Usually in real time it would take me 30 minutes to cut bangs into awig, so I had to fast forward quite a bit. \n\nThe wig seen in the tutorial is the oneI\'m using for my Mikuru Asahina wig tutorial as well, and will be continued off of this video. So just wait a bit and I\'ll have that tutorial up very soon as well!If you have any comments or questions about this tutorial feel free to post it here, and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. At some point I\'ll be posting up some more video wig tutorials also, such as sharpie wig dyeing, and cutting or styling tutorials depending on how many peopleare interested. \n\nOnce again thank you for watching and I hope this video helps you!

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