Basic HTML and CSS Tutorial. Howto make website from scratch WEB DESIGN VIDEOS - PHOTO EDITING VIDEO CLIPS

You can put your site on the web using a free host, it\'s long. #1 requested tutorial on my page is how to make your own site though. I guess it beats those \"learn html in 24 hours\" books in any case. See the freehosts below on how to put your page online.\n\nw3 html and css\n\n HTML/CSS Layout Examples\n\n\n\n\n\nSimple CSS Formatter\n\nHTML testing Sandbox\n\n\nCSS cheat sheet\n Cheat sheet that standardizes html Images as backgrounds Color\nYou can indicate color by using RGB mode too. eg. #336699 is a nice blue google likes to use. It stands for 33 red, 66 green, and 99 blue in hexadecimal. Here\'s a RGB color picker\n\n\nDomains cost money, like $10 a year usually or less. I\'m not going to endorse any registrars.\n\nCSS rounded corners\n the look when printing (media) Popular Pages Validator\n\n\nCSS Validator\n\n\nSome decent text editors\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nhtmlforums\n\nCSS Forums\n\n\nInfo about \"Lorem Ipsum\" often seen on template pages\n\n\nCSS Transparency\nIE\nfilter:alpha(opacity=50);\nFirefox\n-moz-opacity:0.5;\nkde based browsers\n-khtml-opacity: 0.5;\nSafari\nopacity: 0.5;\n\n%%programming

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